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Red Dead Online players are encountering odd glitches with their horses

Red Dead Online players have encountered some odd and bizarre glitches involving their horses recently following last month’s big update.

In late July, Red Dead Redemption 2 developer Rockstar Games released the Naturalist update, which added The Naturalist Frontier Pursuit. Through The Naturalist update, Red Dead Online players have the option to embark on a mission to study animals through collecting blood samples per new character Harriet Davenport, and they can get new clothes by selling animal pelts to hunter Gus McMillan. The update also brought a bevy of clothing items, new multiplayer events, and minor changes to streamline multiplayer gameplay.

However, the latest update may have also added some horse-related bugs, according to Kotaku. Since the Naturalist update came out, a Kotaku writer’s horse didn’t show up despite attempts to summon it, with other players experiencing the same issue. Red Dead Online players have also experienced their horses disappearing from under them during travel, as well.

Rockstar hasn’t addressed the issue yet, and it is unclear if the glitches are linked to The Naturalist update, though Digital Trends has reached out to the developer for comment with no response at the time of this writing.

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online players aren’t stranger to glitches occurring during gameplay. At launch, there was an infinite loot glitch in Red Dead Redemption 2 that allowed players to make up to $15,000, and Red Dead Online players have experienced bugs involving their camps and numerous glitches hindering player progress. Generally speaking, Rockstar has addressed issues as they’ve come up, though with each patch, there seem to be new glitches popping up consequentially.

Even as numerous Red Dead Online players have fallen victim to technical issues, Rockstar’s multiplayer component for Red Dead Redemption 2 remains popular and is continually updated with new content. Before The Naturalist update dropped a couple of weeks ago, Rockstar released the Moonshiners Frontier Pursuit update. That patch encouraged players to embrace the role of an outlaw, and multiple Outlaw Pass updates added gameplay tweaks, such as gun modifications and 2019’s Legendary Bounties, which let players chase after dangerous criminals from around the country.

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