Red Dead Redemption: Downloadable Content Coming June 22

red dead redemption downloadable content coming june 22Rockstar is sparing no expense to get people to play Red Dead Redemption. The game itself is selling very well, topping the charts in both the US and in Europe, a short movie using the in-game engine was recently released, and now the first free DLC (downloadable content) is due out later this month.

The DLC itself is no surprise. Gamespot originally reported on it back on May 5, two weeks before the game even came out, but Rockstar has now confirmed the release date and given some details on what the co-op “Outlaws to the End” DLC will contain.

The DLC will feature six missions for up to four players, and it will also give players extra multiplayer XP, co-op challenges, trophies and achievements. The six missions will include: Walton’s Gold, a mission that has players loot a gold mine that is set to explode; The River, which puts gamers on a raft floating downstream to raid a rebel weapons depot; Ammunition, where players attack the Mexican army stronghold of Tesoro Azul. The remaining three missions will be announced soon.

Rockstar is also preparing a patch to deal with some of the technical issues fans are reporting, including issues with the online features.  No word on when exactly this will be released, but it is expected this month. More downloads, including a handful of new multiplayer skins are due this summer.