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Redfall’s May 2 release date revealed during Developer_Direct

Arkane Studios and Bethesda finally confirmed a release date for Redfall during today’s Developer_Direct showcase. The cooperative open-world, vampiric first-person shooter will come out  May 2.

The Developer_Direct showcase spent quite a bit of time on Redfall, highlighting both its single-player and multiplayer content. Its part of the show started with a look at various combat zones and safe areas on Redfall Island, where the game takes place. We then learned more about some of the enemy types players encounter, weapons they can use, and each character’s special abilities, as Arkane showed off gameplay snippets from multiple missions. If you’re a fan of looter shooters and vampires, Arkane looks to be fully delivering on that concept based on this gameplay snippet.  

Redfall has been a highly anticipated first-party Xbox game ever since its reveal in 2021, but its delays have also been quite infamous. Originally intended to be released in summer 2022, it and Starfield’s delay into 2023 really significantly impacted the dearth of content that plagued Xbox platforms last year. That’s why having a concrete release date for Redfall is quite a relief; it provides hope that Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda will get back in the swing of having a consistent string of first-party releases. It will also be one of the first Xbox-exclusive games to sport a $70 price tag

Redfall launches for PC and Xbox Series X/S on May 2. If you don’t want to spend $70 on this game, it will also be on Xbox Game Pass on day one like all first-party Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda games. 

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