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How to unlock the The Archon in Remnant 2

remnant 2 unlock archon

By now it should be clear that there are tons of secrets to be found in Remnant 2. There are tons of powerful weapons, pieces of gear, and of course, archetypes to unlock and use to take down the game's more challenging bosses and enemies. The archetypes in particular are great to find since they give you essentially a brand new character to level up and spec out, plus some new and unique skills. Outside of the starting roster, none are easy to find, but the Archon is by far the most difficult to get. To help you solve Remnant 2's most tricky puzzle, here's how to unlock the Archon.



What You Need

  • Biome Portal Key

  • Reach the Backrooms

  • Have the Invader archtype at level 5 with Worm Hole

  • Have the Explorer archetype at level 10 with Fortune Hunter

  • A specific set of gear equipped

How to unlock the Archon

The setup and prep-work for unlocking the Archon class is probably the hardest part. You will need to have unlocked and leveled up both the Invader and Explorer archetypes to start, plus find and equip a very specific set of gear. Here are all the items you need to have and wear on your character before getting started:

  • Void Heart Relic
  • Ford's Scattergun
  • Labyrinth Staff
  • Cube Gun
  • Ring 1: Zania's Malice
  • Ring 2: Anastasija's Inspiration
  • Ring 3: Black Cat Band
  • Ring 4: Amber Moonstone
  • Leto's Amulet
  • Worm Hole skill
  • Fortune Hunter skill

Once you have your entire kit setup as listed above, you can get started.

Step 1: Go into the Fractured Ingress world stone and find the Corrupted Biome Portal in the Labyrinth.

A remant character looking through a portal.

Step 2: The portal will flicker between different areas it will send you, so wait until it shows what looks to be a drop into nothingness and go through.

Step 3: After falling a few moments, the ground will form beneath you and you can run forward to another portal.

Step 4: Use the Biome Portal Key to enter the Backrooms.

Step 5: Once inside, you are on a time limit to find the Strange Box item hidden inside the maze. This is where the Fortune Hunter skill comes in handy to help you locate it fast.

A strange box being picked up in the backrooms.

Step 6: If you find it, you can also look around for a few other hidden items, or just wait.

Step 7: Take the item back to Wallace to create the Hexahedron Engram that unlocks the Archon archetype.

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