Resident Evil returns in early 2015 for the third time

Like so many zombies that won’t lie still the way cooperative, little corpses are supposed to, Capcom’s original Resident Evil is set to return in early 2015 on PC and PlayStation/Xbox consoles as a remake of the 1996 survival horror game. The publisher confirms the coming remake in a morning announcement, noting that the upcoming release is actually built on the bones of the 2002 Resident Evil remake.

In addition to enhanced graphics and sound, the 2015 Resident Evil also features an alternative to the original’s “tank”-style controls. One of the elements in the 1996 game that made it so difficult was the way playable characters moved. Left and right on the control stick rotated the body and forward/backward moved. Like a tank. The 2015 remake offers that classic control scheme, but complements it with more sensible, modern-style controls in which a character moves in relation to the direction you push the analog stick.

The Resident Evil series has been dormant since 2012’s disastrous Resident Evil 6, which used three parallel, criss-crossing stories to deliver the three basic approaches to play that have characterized the series across its long history. The 2015 remake of the first game is presumably meant to keep the series in your consciousness while Capcom figures out where to take things next.