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Every door and safe code in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil, as a series, has always featured secret codes and safes for players to find. In most cases, these codes grant players access to upgrades and valuable treasures. While the same can be said for Resident Evil Village, the series; most recent installment, players will need to find these codes to progress the game. Here is every door and safe code in Resident Evil Village, along with their rewards. 

There are three codes that players can crack in Resident Evil Village. Two of them are needed to progress the game and can be found once you’ve beaten Donna Beneviento. That being said, you’ll need to crack the first two to get one step closer to beating Donna.

The workshop safe — 070408 

Resident Evil Village Workshop Safe Code

After beating Lady Dimitrescu, players will find themselves back in the village. The Merchant has instructed them to seek out the house with the red chimney for a special item inside. As they make their way to the house, they’ll come across a tractor blocking the road. You’ll need to find the jack lever to hoist the tractor high enough for Ethan to crawl under. 

Players will happen across a small workshop tucked into its own secluded part of the area. They’ll find a sticky note that reads, “Look out the window.” Upon looking out the window, players will see a series of numbers painted on the walls. Prepare for a jump scare as a Lycan pops up. Thankfully, there’s only one Lycan to deal with, and killing it should be easy. 

Key the code — 070408 — into the safe to open it and reveal its rewards. Inside, players will find the M1911 automatic pistol and jack lever needed to lift the tractor they passed earlier. Jack it up, crawl under, and continue on your way to the house with the red chimney. 

The bloody ring — 052911

Resident Evil Village the Bloody Ring

Ethan’s found himself trapped in a room with a creepy mannequin made to look like Mia. As he dissembles the mannequin, he’ll find a bloody wedding ring on its finger. Interact with the mannequin’s hand to remove the ring and add it to your inventory. Then, head out the door connecting to the adjacent room and turn on the faucet. Clean the blood off the ring to reveal the code 052911.    

Head back into the other room and key that code into the door to unlock it. From here, players will venture back the way they came until a door pops open on its own. They’ll find the music box from Ethan and Mia’s home inside and will need to use the winding key to play it. Hopefully, they explored every nook and cranny of that Mia mannequin.

The Maestro’s treasure — 270917

Resident Evil Village the Maestro's Treasure

On his way back from Donna Benviento’s house, Ethan will happen across her gardener’s cottage. If Ethan had found the Maestro’s house prior, he’d have read a note mentioning that the gardener is holding onto the key for safekeeping. Players will find Luthier’s key (The Maestro) inside the gardener’s cottage. They’ll also find the Beneviento Labyrinth puzzle as well. The ball for her Labyrinth puzzle is in a small graveyard nearby. 

With Luthier’s key in hand, head back to the village and make your way to the Maestro’s home. By now, it should be marked as an unopened treasure on your map, thanks to The Duke. Use the key to get in the house. 

Once inside, take note of a drawing posted on the wall. The code in question, written in crayon, is 270917. Set toward the back of the Maestro’s house is a locked cabinet where all the instruments are. Key in the code to find a very valuable treasure and an upgrade for your Sniper Rifle. This is the only safe code that players can skip if they don’t happen to find it. The other two are needed to move the game forward. 

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