Resistance 3 beta detailed, early access begins on August 4

It’s safe to say that Resistance 3 is the most-anticipated console-exclusive shooter coming out this holiday season (sorry, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary… it’s true). The game won’t be out until September 6, but fans have known for awhile now that there would be a public beta at some point. Now we know when “some point” is: next week.

Sony confirmed today on the PlayStation Blog that the public beta for Resistance 3 will begin for Early Access-folk — which is to say, those who got a beta download code with the purchase of SOCOM 4 earlier this year — on August 4. PlayStation Plus members will have to wait a extra few weeks to play, with the second phase of the beta set to launch on August 23.

You’ll find two maps from the final game included in the beta: Seaside of Glamorgan, Wales and Trainyard in Bogota, Columbia. You’ll also be able to play in two of the game’s online modes, Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction (capture and defend locations). You’ll be able to advance as high as level 20 in the beta, and access whatever abilities and weapons are unlocked in that range.

Non-PlayStation Plus members can take heart in the fact that Insomniac Games intends to continue the beta beyond the early access period, meaning there will be other ways to get in and play prior to the game’s early September release. Stay tuned for more info.