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The best armor sets in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Ever since the very first game in the series, you’ve been able to equip Ratchet with all sorts of weapons and even pick up a few scripted upgrades that change his appearance. Now, with Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apartfor the first time you can also collect new armor sets that not only provide a range of buffs to Ratchet or Rivet but also give you the opportunity to change their appearance at will. These armor sets comprise a helmet, chest piece, and boots, with 24 total pieces to collect.

Each of the eight sets can be mixed and matched to suit your style preference, and this is in fact encouraged. Unlike many other games with armor systems that give specific bonuses, the buffs you get in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart are not tied to the armor but are instead applied regardless of whether you’re wearing that specific piece of armor. So, as long as you manage to get your hands on the best armor in the game, you can reap the rewards of those specific buffs without having to actually wear it if you don’t happen to like how it looks. There are some sets that you’ll want to make sure you get before others, though. Here are the best armor sets in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and how to get them.

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Lombax Praetorian

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart - Lombax Praetorian
Image used with permission by copyright holder

No doubt, this Lombax Praetorian set is worth hunting down and collecting the moment you can. This set, aside from being named after our two main hero’s race, has the distinct advantage of increasing how much Raritanium you get. If you’re unaware, Raritanium is a limited resource you spend on upgrading your weapons. Not only is it hard to find, but you will have to go through the game at least partially a second time if you want to gather enough to fully upgrade every gun in your arsenal. You’ll always be glad to have more of this resource, and this suit will make your grind that much faster.

This set, like every other in the game, will give you a 5% buff for the first piece, 10% for the second, and a total of 20% once you have the entire set. All three are rewards for pocket dimensions on different planets. The boots are found in the pocket dimension on Savali, the chest is in the Zordoom Prison, and the helmet is on Torren IV.

Carbonox Advanced

Besides the Lombax Praetorian set, the Carbonox Advanced armor set is probably the most useful armor to get as early as you possibly can, with the only contender being our third pick on this list depending on what you need. What this armor set focuses on is increasing the number of bolts you earn from slaying enemies. The first piece you get — head, chest, or boots — increases the bolt count by 5%, with the second doubling that to 10%, and a full set doubling yet again for a total of 20% more bolts earned. Eventually, bolts will stop being useful once you’ve purchased everything, but the road to that point isn’t short, so this suit definitely comes in handy.

The Carbonox boots are a reward for completing the Bronze Cup at Zurkie’s, which you can do on your first visit. The chest is the reward for beating Scolo in the Silver Cup at Zurkie’s, which opens up once you beat Cordelia, and the helmet is, you guessed it, the Gold Cup prize. This final cup doesn’t appear until the final act of the game.

Captain Starshield

If you’re not hurting for bolts, the Captain Starshield set’s bonus XP gain will probably be right up your alley. Levelling up to the max, thus boosting your HP, will make any tricky encounters and boss fights a bit easier. Again, collect all three pieces to get a nice total bonus of 20% more XP for everything you do.

The Captain Starshield set is all found as rewards for completing pocket dimensions. The helmet is the pocket dimension on the southeast section of Savali, the chest is on Cordelion, and the boots are in the pocket dimension on the beach in Ardolis.

Galactic Ranger

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart -Galactic Ranger
Image used with permission by copyright holder

For an armor set that is more offense focused, the Galactic Ranger armor is your only real choice. This armor set only increases your melee damage, but with a full set, that can make your wrench one of your deadliest tools. As always, that buff goes from 5% all the way up to 20% as you collect the entire set.

The helmet and vest are both found inside of pocket dimensions. You’ll get the helmet essentially automatically on Sargasso when you enter it with the Speedle. The vest is on Blizar Prime, and the pants, filling the role of boots for this set, are also on Sargasso but are your reward for turning in 30 Zurpstones to Trudi.

Robot Pirate/Robot Disguise

The last four armor sets are all identical in function but just for different enemy types. The Robot Pirate and Robot Disguise armor sets will make Ratchet and Rivet take less damage from Nefarious and Pirate enemies, respectively. Because of how situational having this damage resistance is, and considering you’ll probably want to avoid getting hit at all, these armor sets are far less of a priority in our eyes.

The Robot Pirate helmet is the prize for completing the pirate trials on Ardolis, the chest is out in the open on the East side of Savali on a moving platform, and the boots are your reward for being Pierre in the Battleplex Arena on the Scarstu Debris Field.

The Robot Disguise set all are found in pocket dimensions as well. The mast is in the one on Corson V, and the chest and boots are in the two pocket dimensions on Sargasso.

Q-Force/Wasteland Gear

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart - Q-Force
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Just like the previous two, the Q-Force and Wasteland Gear armors are fairly boring damage reductions. This time, you will take less damage from Goons-4-Less and any indigenous creatures, respectively. The Wasteland Gear is slightly more useful since most planets have indigenous creatures that will attack you, but they are far from the most dangerous enemies in the game. Still, there’s no reason not to take 20% less damage if you have the option.

The Q-Force Cowl, or helmet, is in the pocket dimension on the docking platform at Zurkie’s. The chest piece is on Viceron, in a cell on the second floor of the prison. Finally the pants are on Blizar Prime. Once you’re in the alternate version of the planet, go north until you come across an island with the armor waiting for you to pick it up.

The Wasteland set is a bit unique to acquire since they’re all tied to a side quest you get on Savali. Speak to the monk in the center of the map and agree to collect Lorbs for him. Get one to earn the legs, three more for the chest, and then the remaining ones for the helmet. Thankfully, the last set will be marked on your map, making the final hunt quite easy.

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