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All pocket dimension locations in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

The main feature of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart are the titular rifts. The ability to seamlessly jump between dimensions without so much as a loading screen is what makes this game only possible on the PlayStation 5. While this mechanic is tied into the plot and used to fun effect, Insomniac didn’t just limit showing the idea of jumping into new dimensions to story moments but also applied them to pocket dimensions.

Pocket dimensions are essentially challenge areas hidden around each of the game’s planets. By finding and interacting with them, you will be transported into a new area where you must complete a unique platforming challenge for a special armor piece as a reward. There are 12 total pocket dimensions in the game, which you can spot as big purple crystals floating in the air, and while you only need to find one to earn the More Than Lint trophy, you will want to still want to do them all for the armor pieces you’ll get. If you’re on the hunt for these pocket dimensions, here’s where you can find them all and what rewards you will earn.

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Corson V Nefarious City pocket dimension

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart - Corson V
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The only pocket dimension in Nefarious City is far off to the northeast from the central market. You’ll notice a small island that doesn’t lead to anything on the map here. Go there and peak behind the building on the top-right corner of the area to find this pocket dimension.

This challenge involves platforming over a series of balloons from the parade and dispatching a few simple enemies at the same time. Make it to the end, and you’ll get the Robot Disguise helmet.

Sargasso Outpost L51 pocket dimensions

Sargasso has three pocket dimensions to track down and complete, and two of them are quite close together in Outpost L51.

The first pocket dimension is inside Rivet’s base. Just go inside and hang a left instead of right to find the crack in reality. This challenge is another platforming based one, only now you’ll be jumping over a series of explosive platforms. Stay quick on your feet and take advantage of your hover boots, and you’ll make it to the end and claim the Robot Disguise Boots.

The next pocket dimension is to the southwest. Find the island just to the west of the main island that leads to the southwest facility, and the rift is on the far edge. This challenge involves carefully shooting crates to give yourself a path and platforms. Take your time and don’t use any explosive guns, and you’ll make it to the end with little problem. The Robot Disguise Chest is your reward.

The final pocket dimension is part of the critical path and acts as the tutorial for riding Speedles. Just complete the mission, and you’ll get the Galactic Ranger.

Scarstu Debris Field Zurkie’s pocket dimension location

The only pocket dimension on this level is almost impossible to miss. As soon as you disembark your ship, head Northeast on the landing pads to spot this obvious purple rift. The twist on this challenge is how the platforms rotate on a timer from flat to vertical. Time your movements well, and you’ll pick up the Q-Force Helmet.

Savali Urfdah Mesa pocket dimension locations

The next two challenges are on Savali and are again quite close together. The first one is to the southwest, almost on the edge of the map. This one is focused on testing your wall-running skills. Time your jumps to avoid the explosives and enjoy your new Captain Starshield Helmet.

The other pocket dimension is just northwest of the first, up on a cliff. This one also deals with wall-running, and while it removes the explosive element, it ramps up the raw challenge. Keep at it, and you’ll earn your Lombax Praetorian Greaves.

Blizar Prime Blizon Mines pocket dimension location

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart - Blizar Prime
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The only pocket dimension to find in the Blizar Prime level can be found on the path heading northeast to where you pick up the Cook’s side mission. As you’re leaving the main hub, keep an eye on the left to spot the rift. This challenge has you needing to navigate invisible platforms that you can briefly see when hitting buttons placed along the way. They’re not too small, so you don’t have to be perfect, but it is quite tricky. If you can make it to the end, you’ll add the Galactic Ranger Chest to your collection.

Torren IV Molonoth Gulch pocket dimension location

After you get the Hurlshot on Torren IV and continue across the islands, you will go right by a pocket dimension. Rivet will even make a comment about it, so it is very hard to miss. You have another Speedle course waiting for you with no real tricks or traps. Cross the finish line and claim your Lombax Praetorian Helmet.

Cordelion Kedaro Station pocket dimension location

From the Furion Forge on Cordelion, go to the southeast while in the Other Dimension. The rift is right up against the wall in this room. The challenge here involves using your Shatterblast to knock down emergency rafts to use as temporary bounce pads. Jump to the end and check out the Captain Starshield Chest.

Ardolis Pirate Base pocket dimension location

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart - Ardolis
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Down in the Ardolis Pirate base, just below the walkway you cross when leaving the caves on the South end of the map, jump off onto the beach. Look behind you to spot the pocket dimension. This challenge is almost identical to the one on Sargasso, again using explosives, only with the addition of grappling. The prize is the Captain Starshield Boots.

Viceron Zoradoom Prison pocket dimension location

The final pocket dimension is on Viceron Zoradoom Prison. From the Zurkon vendor, go north and look for a hidden little storage room you can enter and jump into the final challenge. This time, you’ll need to master both Speedle racing and wall-running, so make sure you’re ready to ditch the bike when the time comes. Manage to clear this obstacle course, and you will finally earn the Lombax Praetorian Chest.

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