Resistance 3 gets a release date and a new trailer

One of the more criminally overlooked titles for the PS3, the Resistance franchise continues to put out some of the most impressive and imaginative games for Sony exclusively. It was a big week for the game as well, with a handful of screenshots being released last week, a new trailer debuting at the VGAs, and–most importantly—an official release date being announced.

The game takes place in an alternate history, where World War II never happened due to an alien invasion by a race called the Chimera. The remaining humans banded together to form a global resistance, but things are going poorly for the humans against the far more technologically advanced Chimeras. The first game took place in an occupied England, while the second took you to the shores of America. The third game also takes place in what is left of America, as you fight both the Chimera, and the warped remains of the human race.

Resistance 3 is a PS3 exclusive from Insomniac Games.  It is set for release on September 6, 2011.

[Warning: Trailer may not be appropriate for all ages]

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