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Splatoon 3 brings back Salmon Run this summer

Splatoon 3 appeared in today’s Nintendo Direct, once more confirming a summer 2022 release date, as well as the return of the Salmon Run mode. This co-op mode called “Salmon Run Next Wave” made its first appearance in the last installment of the series, Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 3 – Salmon Run Next Wave Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Salmon Run is a multiplayer game mode of the Splatoon series that’s similar to the zombies mode in Call of Duty. Players are tasked with surviving a salmon apocalypse on an island while collecting eggs and placing them in a basket. Each wave of enemies comes in a set amount and each wave gives players a different main weapon.

While the trailer for the mode returning in Splatoon 3 showcased an exact copy of the last entry’s Salmon Run, it introduced a new boss salmon enemy. This boss is a giant kaiju fish that may be a bit much for players to take on alone.

As shown in previous Splatoon 3 trailers, players most likely have access to all-new mechanics such as the squid rollm which allows them to jump out of ink. There is also the squid surge, which lets them swim up ink-covered walls and jump out at the top.

There is also a fresh story mode titled “Return of the Mammalians.”

Splatoon 3 still has no set release date, but Nintendo did reconfirm that the game sill is launching this summer. However, as always, there is a chance that the game could end up being delayed to allow for more production time.

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