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Splatoon 3’s story pits squids against returning mammals

A new lengthy trailer for Splatoon 3 shown during today’s Nintendo Direct showcase gave a solid hint towards what players can expect from the game’s strange story. While it’s been hinted that Splatoon takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth, the third entry in the franchise will see the Inklings deal with the return of mammals to the world.

Splatoon 3 – “Return of the Mammalians” – Nintendo Switch

The game itself takes place in Splatsville, a bustling metropolis populated by Inklings. It’s also where players will fight each other in the game’s main multiplayer mode, Turf War. Much like previous Splatoon games, two four-player teams compete against each other to cover as much ground as they can in their ink before a timer runs out. Whichever team has the most territory covered is the winner.

Updating the game mode, Splatoon 3 will include new ways for players to paint the world, including a Star Wars Droideka-style mech, a bow and arrow that fires paint, and a grappling hook that leaves paint wherever the user lands.

While the look we got at Splatoon 3‘s multiplayer was brief, our glimpse at its single-player story was even more so. The trailer showed quick snippets of Inklings venturing through their strange world, which is littered with the remnants of humankind like the Easter Island heads. However, it’s not clear exactly how players will progress through this mode.

Today’s Nintendo Direct pretty much stopped there when it came to new details for Splatoon 3. For the time being, it seems that the game’s developers want to keep it a secret. Players will simply have to wait until another showcase closer to the game’s still-unannounced release date for more information.

Splatoon 3 currently has a release window of 2022.

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