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Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice launch trailer is filled with truly weird enemies

Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice | Official Launch Trailer

From Software’s Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice is less than two weeks away, and the game promises to build on the formula the studio helped establish in Dark Souls and Bloodborne. To celebrate, the game’s launch trailer has been released, and it features some weird enemies, even by From Software’s standards.

In the trailer’s opening moments, we see the “One-armed Wolf” hero battling against an enormous bull in front of a gate. The bull’s horns, however, have been replaced with a flaming log. It attempts to use this as a battering ram, but the hero darts out of the way and launches a flame attack from his false arm. In design, the enemy bears some resemblance to the hippo creatures in the Souls games and Bloodborne, but with the flair kicked up a notch.

Perhaps the most terrifying creature in the trailer is a sort of abominable snowman seen at the very end. Lumbering around on all fours, the giant monster is nonetheless quick, and it takes a hot second for him to be decapitated by your blade.

Beasts won’t make up all of the enemies in Sekiro, with humans always getting in your way. We see “mid-bosses” armed with samurai gear, as well as men with giant flamethrowers that should pose a significant threat. One even appears to be using a primitive type of rocket-propelled grenade, ensuring that you should close the gap before he can fire off a round.

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These powerful enemies will be just as cunning as you, swinging their swords to catch you off guard before unleashing a flurry of arrows. Due to the poise-based system the game uses for individual fights, managing how many strikes you block is key to success.

Of course, you’ll have plenty of tools at your disposal, as well. Alongside your katana and arm abilities, you also have access to a grappling device that lets you quickly traverse the environment and get to higher places for stealth attacks. The game’s titular “Die Twice” mechanic also lets you resurrect once if killed, so death doesn’t have to mean failure during particularly tough battles.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice launches March 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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