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Shadow Complex Remastered out on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam versions coming in May

shadow complex heads to ps4 and steam in may shadowremast header
A remastered version of developer Chair Entertainment’s exploration-based platformer Shadow Complex is out now on the Xbox One, and its creators note that ports for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms via Steam are incoming.

This week’s release follows up on Shadow Complex Remastered‘s PC launch in December of 2015, though currently the game is only available for download directly via publisher Epic Games. Shadow Complex‘s official Twitter account confirmed that the remastered edition will make its PlayStation 4 and Steam debut in May.

Originally released for the Xbox 360, Shadow Complex capped off a month of high-profile digital releases for Microsoft’s previous-generation console during its 2007 Summer of Arcade promotional event. Prior to this week’s launch of a remastered edition, Shadow Complex resurfaced as one of the first Xbox 360 games to be playable on the Xbox One via the platform’s newly introduced backward compatibility features.

Shadow Complex is a side-scrolling platformer inspired by Nintendo’s Metroid games and several entries in Konami’s classic Castlevania series. The game offers an open-ended quest in which players search for new weapons and items throughout, unlocking new areas as they level up the game’s starring character and earn new traversal abilities.

Shadow Complex Remastered features all of the original game’s content in addition to new features like dynamic melee takedowns and a collection of Master Challenges for veteran players. The Xbox One edition also boasts a new set of unlockable achievements, many of which are tied to difficult challenges not seen in the game’s original release.

After finishing up work on Shadow Complex, developer Chair went on to create Infinity Blade, a landmark release for iOS devices that saw millions of downloads in the wake of its 2010 launch. Chair is currently working on Spyjinx, an espionage-themed action-strategy game developed in collaboration with film director J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot.

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