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Sony rescues Powers from FX to make it the first PlayStation original scripted show

sony rescues powers fx make first playstation original scripted show

Sony is following the path laid out by digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon, and will begin to produce its own original content for the PlayStation. The first project on the way will be the detective drama about a pair of homicide detectives investigating superhero-related crimes, Powers, according to Deadline.

Powers was recently under development at FX under Sony Pictures TV, and the network went as far as filming a pilot in 2011, starring Jason Patric and Lucy Punch as detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim. FX liked it enough to order multiple scripts, but also wanted several reshoots, and was looking to recast several unspecified roles. A new writer, crime novelist Charlie Huston, was then hired and the pilot was completely scrapped. The show seemed to stall after that, but as recently as last year, series co-creator and writer Brian Michael Bendis claimed Powers was still in development.

Sony Pictures TV will continue to develop the show, although the PlayStation version will be different from what was being developed for FX. Both follow the story of normal police investigating murder and other crimes perpetrated by people with varying degrees of super powers, ranging from inconvenient to godlike, but the switch to PlayStation will be a new start for the property. 

Powers will be written by Huston, who will also act as a showrunner along with Remi Aubuchon (Falling Skies). Bendis and the other co-creator, Michael Avon Oeming, will also serve as producers. This will be the second direct-to-digital show Sony Pictures TV will produce; the first is an upcoming Netflix series from the creator of Damages.

The series will consist of 10, one hour-long episodes. No air date has been given yet, and it isn’t yet known if Powers will follow the Netflix model and release all 10 episodes at once, or if it will follow a more traditional TV format with set release times. It also isn’t clear how the show will be priced, or how exactly it will be distributed.

The new emphasis on original video content will open up another front in the battle between Microsoft and Sony. Although Powers is the first show to be commissioned to air on Sony’s digital platform, it is sure to be joined by others. That will put it head-to-head with Microsoft, who are also currently developing several new shows, including a live action Halo, a comedy about former pro skaters , and a reality show about street soccer.

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