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Stranger Things pixelated mobile game is a great intro to season 2

Stranger Things: The Game
You don’t need to worry about hidden microtransactions or pay-to-win mechanics in the new Stranger Things mobile game, as its free label is entirely accurate. Released to promote the impending second season of the hit Netflix show, the Stranger Things game is now available on iOS and Android and doesn’t have a price tag for any aspects of it.

One of the most endearing and beloved parts of the first series of the Stranger Things TV show was how it harked back to the 1980’s. Movie references, Dungeons and Dragons and the fashions of that era were all on display, and the Stranger Things game takes that principle and runs with it. The art style, audio, and even elements of the gameplay are all reminiscent of classic adventure titles from that era.

Stranger Things is a pixelated, top-down adventure game that sees you taking control of various characters from the show, including Hopper, Nancy, and the group of kids that so enraptured audiences after its surprise 2016 release. The perspective is top-down, the graphics are pixelated and you’ll have a few metrics like health, items, and money to keep track of.

In fact if you watched the 8-Bit Cinema production of Stranger things from last year, it looks very familiar.

During the game, you’ll visit some of the most iconic locations from the show, including Mirkwood Forest and Hawkins Lab. There are also said to be hidden and “exciting areas” that you’ve never seen before. It’s not clear as of yet whether those areas will feature in the second season of Stranger Things, but considering the promotional nature of this game, it’s a distinct possibility.

Reviews so far on both the App Store and Google Play stores are very strong. Four and five stars all around, with no big complaints about bugs or disliked design choices. If players want to keep playing there should be plenty to keep them occupied, too. Along with the core story, Stranger Things is said to feature a number of collectibles, specifically VHS tapes, “Eggos” and “Gnomes,” so completionists can have something to work toward.

Stranger Things the game is out now on Android and iOS, while Stranger Things the show will have its second season debut on Netflix on October 27. That date will also see an update made to the game (thanks IGN), though what that is remains to be seen.

Maybe it will be something to do with the planned third season?

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