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Is Eddie Munson going to be in Stranger Things season 5?

If there was ever any doubt that Joseph Quinn was a rising star, they were dispelled by this week’s announcement that he has been cast as Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, in Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Although Quinn had numerous movie and TV roles prior to joining The Fantastic Four, his breakout role was in Stranger Things season 4 as Eddie Munson, one of the key one-off characters in the story.

Although Eddie’s dire fate in the Stranger Things season 4 finale was fairly clear, some fans have continually clamored to see more of him. But now, we can pretty definitively answer that question about his return.

Is Eddie Munson going to be in Stranger Things season 5?

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things.

As a full-time cast member? The answer is no. And aside from the story justifications for that, the biggest real-world reason is that Joseph Quinn simply won’t be available for anything long-term. Stranger Things season 5 is filming right now, but Quinn has already committed to starring in Fantastic Four, which will likely begin production soon to make its July 25, 2025 release date. And we can’t fault Quinn for favoring Marvel over his previous series. Getting this part could be game-changing for Quinn’s career in Hollywood. It will almost certainly open doors for him to headline more movies.

But the biggest reason Eddie Munson can’t come back in Stranger Things season 5 is that he died heroically in the fourth season finale while distracting the demobats in the Upside Down. He had one of the most epic deaths in the show’s run by putting on an impromptu heavy metal concert to attract the demobats and keep them away from his friends.

This was also Eddie’s redemption for his admitted cowardice in the face of everyone else’s bravery. Eddie felt ashamed that Steve, Nancy, Robyn, and Dustin were braver than he was, even as they tried to clear his name for a murder that he didn’t commit. Whatever else he did in life, Eddie didn’t die a coward, and Dustin tearfully relayed how he passed to Eddie’s grieving uncle.

Could Quinn film a cameo for Stranger Things season 5?

Theoretically, it is possible to get something in before Quinn has to report to the set for The Fantastic Four. Vecna has used the faces of dead characters like Dacre Montgomery’s Billy Hargrove to taunt Max (Sadie Sink). It would make perfect sense if Vecna tried the same trick with Dustin, the character who cared the most about Eddie among their circle of friends. But if Quinn’s too busy playing a superhero, Eddie’s sacrifice will still be felt next season even if he doesn’t return.

Stranger Things season 5 will premiere in 2025 on Netflix.

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