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3 great movies & shows featuring The Fantastic Four’s Joseph Quinn

Johnny Storm sits on a chair in The Fantastic Four.
Marvel Studios

After his fan-favorite turn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things 4, we knew that Joseph Quinn was heading for bigger and better roles. Earlier this week, that prediction came true when it was confirmed that Quinn will portray Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, in Marvel’s The Fantastic Four.

Some fans who aren’t familiar with Quinn’s work outside of Stranger Things have voiced concerns about him taking the role, since Eddie and Johnny are two very different characters. Rest assured, Marvel Studios wouldn’t have cast Quinn in such an important role if they weren’t convinced that he had the range to pull it off. To help allay any lingering fears about that, we’re throwing the spotlight on three movies and shows featuring Quinn. He hasn’t had too many credits to date, but Quinn has made the most out of the ones that he’s had.

Catherine the Great (2019)

Joseph Quinn in Catherine the Great.

Two years prior to his part on Stranger Things, Quinn was cast as Paul Petrovich, the son of Empress Catherine II (Barbie narrator Helen Mirren) in Catherine the Great. As the name implies, this miniseries was primarily Catherine’s story and it chronicled most of the years of her reign in 18th-century Russia.

However, Quinn does get some compelling material to play when Paul comes into conflict with his mother, especially over her hold on his son – and her grandson – Alexander (Felix Jamieson). Paul even accuses Catherine of turning Alexander against him, but the truth is that she didn’t need to do much pushing for that to happen.

Watch Catherine the Great on Max.

Dickensian (2015)

Joseph Quinn in Dickensian.

Quinn had an important role as Arthur Havisham in Dickensian, a TV series that reimagined the characters of Charles Dickens’ various novels as if they were all interconnected in both small and large ways. In Arthur’s case, he had to get a loan from Ebenezer Scrooge (Ned Dennehy) from A Christmas Carol.

Most of Arthur’s story unfolds alongside his fellow characters from Great Expectations. When Arthur’s sister, Amelia Havisham (Tuppence Middleton), gets the vast majority of their inheritance, Arthur turns to Meriwether Compeyson (Tom Weston-Jones) for help and he confides his greatest secret in him. This turns out to be a terrible mistake, because Compeyson can’t be trusted, and his agenda doesn’t line up with Arthur’s.

Watch Dickensian on Prime Video.

Make Up (2019)

Joseph Quinn and Molly Windsor in Make Up.
Quiddity Films

Is there such a thing as a coming-of-age thriller? If so, it’s Make Up, the second film of Quinn’s cinematic career and his first theatrical leading role. Quinn plays Tom, but the focus of this story belongs to his girlfriend, Ruth (Molly Windsor). After pushing to join Tom as a co-worker in a resort over the winter, Ruth is quickly disenchanted by their life together there. She also discovers long red hair among Tom’s things and suspects that he’s having an affair.

Ruth’s suspicions soon fall upon their co-worker, Jade (Stefanie Martini), but the older woman goes out of her way to befriend her. As Ruth questions her relationship with Tom and doubts the evidence of her own eyes, she feels a lot more fear than she should as she experiences her sexual awakening.

Watch Make Up on Prime Video.

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