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Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is freezing some Nintendo Switch units

Joker from Persona 5, the newest addition to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, is causing some Nintendo Switch units to freeze when players attempt to use his Final Smash.

The version 3.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate added Joker to the fray, alongside the highly-requested Stage Builder mode. The announcement of the addition of the leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts to the fighting game was a surprise at The Game Awards 2018, but unfortunately, some players who were eager to try out Joker were met with freezing issues.

According to player reports, the freezing occurs when they try to close out Classic Mode matches with Joker’s Final Smash, which is based on the All-Out Attack from Persona 5. Players are then forced to either exit and relaunch the game, or restart their Nintendo Switch units.

The issue appears to be specific to Joker, and with many Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players trying out the new character, the glitch is being widely reported across the internet and social media. One such report is a thread on the official Super Smash Bros. sub-Reddit, where Redditor CubingVainGlory uploaded a short video showing the freezing issue.

Even with the glitch, players will still be able to use Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though it is recommended to skip his Final Smash for now. It is a shame that the character comes with a game-breaking issue, as according to early impressions, Joker may find himself in the upper tiers of the fighter rankings.

Joker’s arrival in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has raised expectations that Persona 5 will soon be released on the Nintendo Switch. There are rumors that Persona 5 S, for which developer Atlus promised to reveal more information on April 25, is a port of the Japanese RPG for the hybrid console with exclusive Nintendo content.

The same rumors also claim that the teased Persona 5 the Royal will be an enhanced version of the original game with “a ton of new content,” with the option to play as a female protagonist. A fighting game based on Persona 5 is also reportedly in the works, so Joker’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may not be his only run in the genre.

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