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The best weapons in Modern Warfare 2: every gun ranked

Your performance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has a lot to do with the weapon you come equipped with. Sure, a skilled player can excel with most weapons in the game, but having the best firearm for any given situation will lead you to more victories — regardless of your playstyle. Modern Warfare II has over 40 primary weapons across seven categories, each with different stats, strengths, and weaknesses.

The meta in Call of Duty games shifts constantly as weapons are added and tweaked, so it’s always a good idea to stay on top of the latest updates. In this guide, we’ll rank each weapon in Modern Warfare II across all categories (with the exception of the Riot Shield). This ranking is in descending order, with the first spot being the best and the last spot being the worst. We’ll also link to loadout guides for the weapons on this list so you know exactly which attachments to use.

These are all the weapons in Modern Warfare II, ranked.

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Assault rifles

The Kastov 762 in Modern Warfare II.

As the quintessential weapon category, assault rifles are meant for mid- to long-range battles. The best assault rifles excel at all ranges, with minimal recoil, making them easy to control.

  1. STB 556
  2. Kastov-74U
  3. Kastov 762
  4. M13B
  5. TAQ-56
  6. Lachmann-556
  7. M4
  8. Kastov 545
  9. M16

Battle rifles

The Lachmann-762 in Modern Warfare II.

Unlike assault rifles, battle rifles are more so meant for long-range, with a typically slower rate of fire. Accuracy is key with these weapons, as you’ll have less room for error due to the semi-auto fire style.

  1. TAQ-V
  2. SO-14
  3. Lachmann-762
  4. FTAC Recon


The Lachmann Sub in Modern Warfare II.

On the flip side, submachine guns (SMGs) are meant for close-range to midrange, often focusing on fire rate, mobility, and fast time to kill (TTK). The best SMGs are ones that hit hard, with snappy aim down sights (ADS) speeds and an overall lightweight feel.

  1. BAS-P
  2. Lachmann Sub
  3. Vaznev-9K
  4. PDSW 528
  5. Fennec 45
  6. MX9
  7. VEL 46
  8. Minibak
  9. FSS Hurricane


The Expedite 12 in Modern Warfare II.

Shotguns are only usable up close, and the best ones have tremendous power, decent range, and enough ammo to take down multiple foes at once. Because shotguns have limitations, you’ll want to pick ones that are versatile to ensure they’re as effective as possible.

  1. Expedite 12
  2. Bryson 800
  3. Bryson 890
  4. Lockwood 300


The RAAL MG in Modern Warfare II.

Light machine guns (LMGs), on the other hand, are best used at mid- to long-range, offering large magazine sizes and tremendous power. They usually feel slower than assault rifles, but the best ones hit like a truck, so you’ll want to avoid picking LMGs with slower TTKs, as they’re already limited by their ADS times.

  1. RAAL MG
  2. RPK
  3. Sakin MG38
  4. HCR 56
  5. 556 Icarus
  6. Rapp H

Marksman rifles

The Lockwood MK2 in Modern Warfare II.

Marksman rifles feel much more like snipers, though typically, they’re much lighter. These are best for aggressive snipers who want to run around the map as quickly as possible, with fast ADS speeds. You’ll want to prioritize marksman rifles that can secure eliminations in one hit in order to compete with snipers.

  1. SP-R 208
  2. SA-B 50
  3. EBR-14
  4. Lockwood MK2
  5. LM-S
  6. TAQ-M

Sniper rifles

The Signal 50 in Modern Warfare II.

Finally, sniper rifles are meant for range. The best ones have fast bullet velocity, lots of power, and ADS times that can compete with other long-range weapons. They might not always be the snappiest, but their power makes up for it … if you can hit your shots.

  1. Victus XMR
  2. MCPR-300
  3. Signal 50
  4. LA-B 330
  5. SP-X 80

This list will continue to evolve as Modern Warfare II is updated.

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