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First image from The Walking Dead video game arrives online

the walking dead gameTelevision audiences recently learned what comic book fans have known for a long time now: that Robert Kirkman’s post-apocalyptic zombie comic The Walking Dead is a masterpiece of gut-wrenching, dramatic storytelling. And if the first image form the upcoming video game based on The Walking Dead is any indication, gamers who weren’t aware of that fact will know it soon enough, too.

Posted over at Kotaku, the new image from Telltale Games’ upcoming episodic adventure game offers a great indication of what to expect when Kirkman’s tale of life after a zombie epidemic shambles onto PCs and consoles.

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According to the report, the characters shown in the image are main character Lee, who was en route to a Georgia prison when zombies began wreaking havoc on the world. The other character in the image is a young girl he befriends during the game whose parents were killed in an attack by the living dead.

While it’s only a single image from the project, it does offer a nice indication of the tone the game will take as players navigate its zombie-filled world. The characters have a similar feel to the illustrations of The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard, which should mean very good things for the final product.

Details have been scarce surrounding many of the games’ potential links to the comic book or hit television series based on it, though Kirkman has hinted in the past that some familiar characters will play a role in the game’s narrative. Additionally, Telltale has indicated that the game will rely heavily on players’ choices to determine the narrative arc, though they won’t always be the standard type of moral decisions gamers are accustomed to. In some cases, players will have to choose which characters to save and which ones to sacrifice.

Telltale is expected to have more materials from The Walking Dead to show off during New York Comic Con in October.

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