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Try out a new map and a new Titan in the latest 'Titanfall 2' update

titanfall 2 update adds titan map upcoming
Titanfall 2 has received a steady stream of free downloadable content since its release last year, and Respawn Entertainment shows no signs of slowing down. The game’s next update, Monarch’s Reigns, will add a new map to the mix, as well as a brand-new Titan with a unique ability that could turn the tide of a battle.

Launching on May 30, the update will add the “Relic” map into the Titanfall 2 multiplayer rotation. The massive wreckage of the IMS Odyssey lies in the center of an enormous work site, with Pilots fighting over control of the ship while maneuvering through wall-running areas. In addition to the new map, an update to Crashsite fixes a number of collision issues and adds an additional eight ziplines so that players can move around more quickly.

A new Titan, “Monarch,” will also join the action. Described as a “midrange Vanguard-class” Titan, Monarch is able to drain power from other Titans in order to charge its shields, and an “Upgrade Core” ability allows for several stages of enhancements that culminate with the Titan’s “final form.” For once, you’ll be able to say, “This isn’t even my final form” and mean it.

The update also adds two new “prime” Titan options for Tone and Ronin. Though functionally identical to the original versions of both Titans, the “prime” option adds new sound effects and execution moves, as well as a different chassis.

A full trailer for the Monarch’s Reigns update will arrive tomorrow. The update will also add additional paid Titan nose art, camouflage, and call-signs, as well as a new execution for Pilots. Titanfall 2 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Though chances are pretty much zero, we’re still hoping that Respawn can work its magic and port the game to Nintendo Switch — we’d like to make the move from Pilot to Titan as we make the move from docked Switch to handheld Switch.

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