Tony Hawk’s Shred Session coming to iOS and Android

tony hawks shred session coming ios android thss art

Activision confirms that Tony Hawk’s Shred Session is being developed for smartphones and tablets by UK developer Big Bit. The game sees players using simple swipe controls to shred across the game’s levels while unlocking new moves and gear. This follows up the news from earlier this year that the publisher has a mobile Hawk game in the works.

“I‘m stoked that Activision shares my vision for an original skateboarding game on mobile,” pro skateboarder Tony Hawk said in the press release. “It’s exciting to evolve with new technologies, and Shred Session is a whole new direction.”

The game is divided into two modes: Survival will see you pulling off continuous tricks and combos for as long as possible in pursuit of high scores, in the style of the many infinite running games that have filled countless commutes in recent years; and Shred Sessions, where you will play through levels and try to complete specific objectives, much like previous games in the series.

Six modern skateboarding pros will be available for play (Chris Cole, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Lizzie Armanto, David Gonzalez, Riley Hawk, and of course the series’ eponymous saint, all with signature moves) on tracks from the Santa Monica boardwalk to the winding streets of London. Keeping with series conventions, the skaters can be outfitted with real world gear and custom decks that unlock special bonuses.

More information will be published on the game’s official Facebook page as it is available.