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You can join a Twitch Plays livesteam of The Outer Worlds ahead of its release

The Outer Worlds will be having a Twitch Plays session, precariously putting the control of all gameplay decisions in the hands of the viewers, and if you want to participate, the special livestream begins at 3 p.m PT/6 p.m. ET today on the official Obsidian Entertainment Twitch channel.

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Reviews for The Outer Worlds have been glowing, with particular praise for its characters and humorous writing. While you can’t play the game until October 25, you can jump into the Twitch Plays stream and join fellow viewers as they work together to decide what happens in the early playthrough of the upcoming sci-fi role-playing game.

As with most Obsidian games, The Outer Worlds is crammed full of narrative choices to make, and we’re predicting that viewers will try to run the game into the ground as they have been known to do. The Twitch Plays concept caught on when viewers began playing through the original Pokémon Game Boy games, but this will be the first time it has been used for a pre-release game. This means viewers won’t know the outcome for their decisions before making them, which should lead to some hilarious moments during the stream.

In the past, Twitch Plays streams have given players the ability to vote on decisions, which was particularly necessary for things as basic as turning left or right. Twitch Plays has even completed Dark Souls in the past, though it took well over a month.

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The Outer Worlds is a first-person role-playing game with shooter elements, similar in some ways to Obsidian’s own Fallout: New Vegas. Set in the future, the game finds its hero in the Halcyon colony, which is under the control of a nefarious corporation.

You’ll discover other factions who want control of the region, as well, and the story can be shaped based on your choices. It was co-directed by Tim Cain, best known for creating the original Fallout. With that kind of development talent, it’s no surprise that critics showered The Outer Worlds with such heavy praise.

We’ll be tuning in to see Twitch destroy Halcyon later today. We might even help make that happen.

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