Twitch tries out commercial free viewing

twitch tries out commercial free viewing

Twitch will introduce a new online broadcast method that does away with ads in favor of sponsorships on Tuesday, October 14. The first campaign will feature a 12-hour block hosted by Sony. 

The way it works is, advertisers purchase a block of time during which users can view Twitch content commercial-free, provided that they watch a single video from the sponsor first. The only requirement is that users have their cookies turned on (which recognize that you have watched the video). Once the sponsor video is viewed, the user can then jump to any channel and not see any commercials for the length of the purchased block of time.

“For the product’s first outing, Sony PlayStation 4 will be bringing Commercial-Free to Twitch viewers on Tuesday, October 15th, for 12 full hours between 9 AM PST and 9PM PST,” Twitch announced in a statement. “During that 12-hour window, the only commercials viewers will see is a short bumper explaining the Commercial-Free program, followed by a brief Sony pre-roll, and then the rest of their viewing experience, regardless of which channels they may switch to, will be uninterrupted until 9pm PST.”

Finding a successful and viable financial model for online video services has long been the doom of many websites. Twitch has managed to strike a balance that allows it to grow and prosper, and this new model will certainly be watched and scrutinized closely by those looking to emulate it – assuming it succeeds.

“This first-to-market event truly showcases the way fantastic brands like the PS4 can maximize their marketing messaging while benefiting the Twitch users here in North America,” said Andy Swanson, VP of Sales, Twitch. “It’s a great example of how Twitch’s unique live streaming platform can balance the needs of both its partners and its passionate gaming community”.

Although not specifically part of the campaign, during its block of time, at 4PM PST on Tuesday, Sony will unveil the new multiplayer modes for The Last of Us during a live streaming event.