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‘Ultra Street Fighter 2’ has first-person ‘Hadoken’ mode on Nintendo Switch

ultra street fighter 2 hadoken ii box
Nintendo Everything
With less than three weeks left before the release of the Nintendo Switch, game boxes have begun appearing on store shelves in Japan. One such box is for Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Chapter, which revealed a few new details about the upcoming game.

As discovered by Nintendo Everything, the box officially confirms that Ultra Street Fighter 2 will have the first-person mode that was teased in the original reveal trailer in January. Nintendo Switch owners will have a chance to use the Joy-Cons to unleash “Hadoken”.

The game mode detailed on the back of the box translated to “Unleash! Ha’DO’ken.” Based on the corresponding screenshot, the mode looks to be a timed, combo-based fight against multiple Shadaloo soldiers. Players grab a Joy-Con in each hand and shoot the fireballs to increase their score. Previously, the mode was shown for less than a second toward the end of the game’s announcement trailer.

Ultra Street Fighter II Announce Trailer

Additionally, the box reveals that Ultra Street Fighter 2 will feature an art gallery. Fans of the series can view over 250 pages of artwork including character sketches, background art, and more.

Capcom’s mainstream engine also appears to be working on the Nintendo Switch. A logo for MT Framework can be found near the bottom of the box.

Ultra Stree Fighter 2 is an upcoming remaster of the classic arcade fighter. Players can choose to fight using the original, 16-bit graphics, or the newer, HD artwork that was featured in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. Other additions to the game include two new characters: Evil Ryu and Violent Ken.

Currently, Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Chapter is still without a release date. While it is scheduled for release during 2017, Capcom indicates it wants the game to release sooner rather than later.

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