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Where to buy the Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X has finally arrived at all your favorite stores and sites! Well, sort of. Following its initial launch in mid-November 2020, the Xbox Series X|S has been extremely difficult to find — though, not impossible. Due to high demand, and production hurdles caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has been a challenge to actually acquire Microsoft’s new system(s).

Fortunately, there are things you can do to make it easier to find one, and in this handy guide, we’ll let you in on where you can get your hands on an Xbox Series X. Keep in mind, there isn’t a guaranteed method of finding one currently, but we hope that by summer 2021, you’ll be able to purchase one with no issues. Still, if you want an Xbox Series X right now, here’s how to find one.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a PS5, we can also help out there.

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Microsoft Store

From our experience, the Microsoft Store has frequently regained stock since the system’s launch in November. It’s currently sold out of systems right now, but at least once a week consumers have been able to get their hands on an Xbox Series X console directly from Microsoft. Fortunately, the allocation is usually plentiful, as we’ve been able to add the system to our cart even several minutes after they’ve been made available for purchase — which is more than we can say for buying a PS5 directly through Sony.

Going through the Microsoft Store will likely be your best bet when compared to other retailers, as it features more allocation more frequently. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try other retailers.


Xbox Series X – $500-$1,000

Current status: Limited to collectibles

Amazon is currently out of traditional Xbox Series X models. Occasionally, new stock will pop in and quickly sell out, so it’s worth checking in with this page from time to time and possibly sign up to get email updates for the page. What are available are collectible versions of the Series X being resold at high prices by third-party stores on Amazon, which may be an option if you’re desperate.

Also keep in mind that Amazon is reporting that those who have already bought a Series X may not get their consoles until January 2021.

Best Buy

Xbox Series X – $500

Current status: Out of stock

Best Buy is a good option if you have a Best Buy card and want to choose a financing option. You can also add a Geek Squad warranty for $70, which lasts for two years and covers all kinds of console-related mishaps.


Xbox Series X – $500

Current status: Out of Stock

Walmart has a very robust in-stock alert system that we suggest you sign up for. Walmart also makes some effort to stagger stock rollouts to help discourage bots and make it easier for people to find consoles throughout the day, which makes it a nice site to check in on.


Xbox Series X – $500

Current status: Out of Stock

Note that GameStop also has separate pages for a couple of different options. There was a Launch Day bundle for $905 that included Gears Tactics and AC: Valhalla, as well as an Elite Controller and a headset, but this has since sold out. The site also has a separate page for signing up for the All Access package, which is a payment plan through Microsoft that includes access to GamePass as well as the Series X for installments of $35 per month. Availability for the All Access package is currently live, though it requires a credit check. This might be your best bet if you’d rather pay for your system in monthly installments, as you would a smartphone.


Xbox Series X – $500

Current status: Out of Stock

Lenovo took down its Series X webpage, possibly in an attempt to avoid confusion and deter bots until they get new stock in and are ready to start selling. But it appears the page is available once more, despite being sold out of Xbox Series X systems.


Xbox Series X – $500

Current status: Out of Stock

This page will show all available Xbox Series X and Series S models so you can see them all at once. Options primarily differ based on what controller color you want at this time. You can also set up a notification system so you know when consoles are in stock.


Xbox Series X – $500

Current status: Out of Stock

Target hasn’t been great about extra allocation since the system’s launch, but you might as well keep the retailer on your list, just in case. The website tells you when consoles are available to ship or purchase in-store. Note that Target is another site that makes signing up for the All Access payment plan super simple if you would prefer to pay that way. You can also choose a two-year warranty if you want.

Sam’s Club

Xbox Series X – $500

Current status: Out of Stock

Sam’s Club has a couple of notable extra bundles, such as a Series X that comes with a RIG 500 Pro HX headset. You will, of course, get any awards associated with your Sam’s Club membership as well.

Can I find the Series X on eBay?

Yes, you can, because a variety of eBay sellers (and various bots) stocked up when the Xbox Series X released on November 10th. However, the big catch is that these sellers are marking up the Series X by at least a few hundred dollars: You’re basically paying for a guaranteed delivery if other sources run out of stock. It’s not the most reliable or safest option, but it could be a possibility if you’re in a hurry.

Though, we highly suggest to avoid this option if possible, since there have been reports of scams. You can, of course, get your money back, thanks to eBay’s guarantee, but that’s a major hassle. Plus, you’ll pay a pretty penny for a system that you can find at retail price elsewhere if you’re patient.

Wario64 on Twitter

By far, the most effective way to track down a new Xbox Series X system is to follow Twitter user Wario64. This might seem like an odd suggestion, but this Twitter user frequently tweets when stock goes live across various retailers and includes links for easy access. If you want an Xbox Series X now, we recommend to follow Wario64 with notifications turned on, so you know when stock is up.

Xbox Series X/S is up at MS Store
Series X
Series S

— Wario64 (@Wario64) December 15, 2020

As you can see in the tweet above, Xbox Series X|S stock was available as recently as December 15 via the Microsoft Store and has also been featured at other various retailers. We’ve seen Best Buy, Sam’s Club, and other stores featured on Wario64’s account — with many opportunities to buy the console each week (and in many cases, multiple times a week). Using this method, you’ll know right when allocation is available, saving you the hassle and headache of simply trying to refresh on a retailer’s website.

The nice thing is that Wario only posts allocation notices from retailers, meaning you’ll never have to pay scalper prices if you use this method.

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