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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Morale guide

Every RPG introduces a set of systems that the player will interact with, or be impacted by, during the game. Action RPGs, and souls-like games such as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, layer these systems on top of already challenging gameplay. Not only are you doing your best to master the combat, but also learn what Morale and Fortitude mean in the context of this game. There are some mechanics and systems you could get by with ignoring, however these two do not fall into that category. Don’t get demoralized, though, because we’ll keep your spirits up with this guide explaining everything about Morale in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

What is Morale?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty monster

Let’s begin with the basics. Morale is a new system in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty that functions somewhat like a tug-of-war. By getting a higher Morale rank, your character will deal more and more damage to enemies, as well as take less incoming damage. Your Morale rank can reach a maximum of 25, and is exclusive to your current mission. That means after you leave a mission and begin a new one, it will reset to 1.

Just like stamina or posture in other souls-like games, enemies in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty also have their own Morale ranks, which you can see above their health bars. If an enemy’s Morale rank is above yours, they will take less damage and deal more, while the opposite will be true if your rank is above theirs. You can tell just how big the discrepancy will be at a glance based on the color of their Morale rank. If it is red, the enemy will deal much more damage and be the most dangerous, purple being slightly above, yellow being comparable, and green being the easiest.

The tug-of-war element comes in how you can gain and lose Morale during each mission. As stated, your Morale can go all the way up to 25 in several ways. Defeating enemies will give you a small number of Morale points, but you can get more if you can land Spirit attacks, Martial Arts, and Fatal Strikes.

Morale will be drained if you get hit by Critical Blows, but mostly when you die in battle. Death will drop your Morale by a large amount.

What is Fortitude?

A soldier in red looks over a burning village.

Fortitude can be thought of as your Morale level baseline. If you have no Fortitude and die a number of times, your Morale will return to 1. However, if you have a Fortitude rank of, say, 15 then your Morale will only drop to 15, even if you continue to die.

Fortitude will also be stage-dependent, and begin at 0 for each mission. You gain Fortitude points by placing both Battle Flags and Marking Flags found within each stage.

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