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Xbox is getting Discord account integration to connect with PC players

Xbox One X review controller system
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Discord has become the go-to service for players looking to chat with each other while they enjoy some PC games. Unfortunately, you can’t use it on consoles, which has left the communities with few ways to communicate with each other. Now, Microsoft is looking to change that by partnering with Discord to offer account integration with Xbox.

In the not-too-distant future, Xbox players will be able to link their Xbox Live account with their Discord account from their Xbox One. A”link Discord account” option will be available in the account settings menu. All you have to do is enter the code you see on your Xbox One into your Discord account on PC, and your accounts will be linked. If you prefer, you can just enter your Xbox Live sign-in information on the Discord mobile or PC app, which will also link your accounts.

Once your accounts are linked, players in your Discord servers will be able to see the games you’re playing on your Xbox One. Because of the crossplay integration with most Xbox and Windows 10 exclusives, this means you’ll be able to quickly find players to game with, though it sounds like you can choose whether or not to show your Discord friends a particular game.

“If you are playing Sea of Thieves on your Xbox, you can now choose to give your Discord friends the ability to see that and decide whether they want to hop on their Xbox and join you,” said Xbox Live General Manager Daniel McCulloch.

The new connection features, which will initially roll out to Xbox Insider members before becoming available to the general public, don’t enable you to actually talk in Discord chats with PC players. You’ll still be using Xbox Live’s chat service if you want to talk.

Crossplay support will likely come in handy next month, as State of Decay 2 is launching on both Xbox One and PC. It’s an Xbox Play Anywhere game, so buying a digital copy for one system will automatically give you a copy for the other system, and it will also be included as part of Xbox Game Pass on launch day.

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