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Xbox achievements get a new notification sound based on their ‘rarity’

Xbox One Rare Achievement
The Xbox’s signature achievement “ping” sound has remained the same since it was first introduced with the release of the Xbox 360, but soon, it will be receiving a major update. That’s right — after more than a decade, a new achievement sound is coming to Xbox, but only if your achievement is worth boasting about.

Available now to a selection of Xbox Preview members, the new achievement sound is classy, elegant, and subtle. After unlocking a “rare” achievement, in addition to the standard unlock noise, you’ll also be greeted to a soft “twinkle.” A diamond displays on the left side of the notification to let you know you’ve unlocked a rare achievement, and similar to the trophy system on PlayStation, it will also show what percentage of players have managed to complete the same feat.

The classic Xbox One achievement sound has become so deeply ingrained in our collective subconscious that society might just break down with the introduction of the new noise. We recommend taking a few deep breaths the next time you unlock a rare achievement as you remind yourself that everything will be fine. Here’s the noise on its own, with less background audio.

The update also brings along a few other social features that should make playing with friends a bit easier. The “Looking For Group” feature already available in Preview now allows players to schedule their sessions up to a week in advance, which sounds especially useful in raiding situations with Destiny or The Division.

The new “Arena” feature is also available to Preview members today, initially with the free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct. Arena lets players register for in-game tournaments on both Xbox One and Windows 10. During its initial Preview release, it will only be available in a stripped-down capacity to U.S. Xbox One users.

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