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Xbox One users wipe out almost half the world’s population in ‘Dead Rising 3’

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If the grim zombie apocalypse presented in Dead Rising 3 actually came to pass, Xbox One users would be ahead of the hoard, with Microsoft confirming that 3 billion walking dead have been snuffed out since the console-exclusive launched on November 22. It’s the lead figure in a new infographic that gives some sense of how the Xbox One is performing, though Microsoft notably has yet to deliver any official sales numbers beyond the day one success.

The infographic skips retail figures in favor of raw game stats, focusing entirely on console exclusives Dead Rising 3Ryse: Son of Rome (186 million enemies killed), Forza Motorsport 5 (90 million miles driven), and Killer Instinct (150 million combos). Players have also managed to amass an impressive 415 million Gamerscore points from unlocked Achievements. 

It’s a fun little infographic, but the absence of any worldwide sales figures is hard to miss. Especially in light of the fact that Sony stepped up earlier this week, following the November 29 launch of the PlayStation 4 in Europe, Australasia, and Latin America, to crow about the competing console’s 2.1 million sales worldwide. That said, the PS4 vs. Xbox One showdown isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. It’s possible that Xbox One sales have fallen short of expectations so far, but the race ought to be a close one for the foreseeable future if last-gen performance is any indication.

All that said, what does it matter, really? If you work for Microsoft or Sony then sure, you might have some stake worth caring about. For the average gamer though, fun times should be the all-important focus. Are you enjoying your new machine? Good. Whichever one you have, it’s only going to improve. When titanic corporations duel for attention in the retail space, the only true winner is the consumer. Competition breeds innovation, and there should be plenty of that to go around in the coming years with all of the promise this new hardware holds.

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