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Leaked controller packaging points to possible Xbox Series S

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X may not be alone when it hits store shelves this holiday season.

A Twitter user with the name Zak S was able to buy an authentic next-generation Xbox controller from a reseller this weekend and shared pictures of the device’s box online. A description on the box, which was earlier reported on by The Verge, said the controller is compatible with all existing Xbox hardware and PCs, as well as Xbox Series X and an unannounced Xbox Series S.

Microsoft has been rumored for months to be working on two next-generation consoles, but has so far only announced its Xbox Series X. The second, which is believed to be code-named Project Lockhart but could ultimately launch as Xbox Series S, will ship with the same CPU performance as the Xbox Series X, according to reports. However, the Xbox Series S could be discless and sell at a more budget-friendly price.

“We have a lot in store for Xbox in 2020 and can’t wait to share with you,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement to Digital Trends about the apparent leak. “However, we have nothing to announce at this time.”

Microsoft competitor Sony has already committed to a dual-hardware strategy with its PlayStation 5. In addition to the standard console, Sony is manufacturing the Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition that ditches the disc slot and should provide for a more affordable price tag.

Still, several questions surround Microsoft’s ultimate plans for the Xbox Series S (and Xbox Series X, for that matter). So far, the company has only announced plans to launch the Xbox Series X this holiday season and hasn’t said how much it’ll cost or exactly when it’ll hit store shelves. While the Xbox Series S appears to be in the works, it’s unknown whether the hardware will launch alongside the higher-powered hardware this holiday season or if Microsoft plans to launch it at another time.

Microsoft has been holding regular livestreams to dole out its future Xbox plans, and last month, Xbox chief Phil Spencer hinted Microsoft could have another showcase sometime this month. It’s possible, though unconfirmed, Xbox Series S will factor into those plans.

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