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Xbox Series X developers focused heavily on immersion

Director of Project Management Jason Ronald, who is working on the development of the Xbox Series X, put out a long post on the official website for Xbox detailing the upcoming next-gen console as well as the future for Xbox overall.

Going forward, it appears that the main aim for Microsoft’s Xbox division in developing the Xbox Series X is fostering immersion. Equipped with highly improved technology, including technical components like the 8-core Zen 2 CPU, the Xbox Series X has “4x the processing power of an Xbox One.” Combined with other state-of-the-art elements, the Xbox Series X is being billed as a console that enables developers to create games exactly as they envision them.

The post briefly discusses the new controller for the Xbox Series X. The controller has been improved from the Xbox One controller with a new Share button and D-pad, as well as compatibility with the Xbox One and PC platforms.

At launch, Xbox Series X owners will instantly have access to thousands of games to play on the console. This is thanks to backward compatibility with games on past Xbox consoles.

The post confirms that Project xCloud is set to release later this year. This will be Microsoft’s next landmark effort in cloud gaming, with the ability to stream games on mobile devices.

Finally, Halo Infinite is set to release this holiday season. However, more information will be divulged about the next installment in the Halo franchise in July. This is also likely the next time we’ll get a considerable amount of details regarding the Xbox Series X, coming out this holiday season.

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