XCOM 2 collector's edition offers a free game and DLC

How do you make a collector’s edition for a PC-only game? It’s not an easy question: Most collector’s edition box sets offer physical items —fancy game boxes, t-shirts, figurines, etc— to account for their heightened price tag, but most PC players seem to prefer buying digitally. Even with all the swag, there’s something inherently unsatisfying about opening a giant box set to find a small sticker with a Steam code.

XCOM 2 will sidestep that issue when it launches this February by offering a completely digital collector’s edition. 2K announced their premium bundle for the sequel, the “Digital Deluxe Edition,” Thursday. For $74.99, the collector’s edition includes both XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2, the “Reinforcement pack” DLC, and the XCOM 2 soundtrack.
xcom2deluxesmallThe “Reinforcement Pack” is a sort of mini season pass, comprising three sets of DLC. First, the “Anarchy’s Children” customization set, which will be available next Spring. Packs two and three, “Alien Hunters” and “Shen’s Last Gift,” will be available over the summer, adding a single mission, new customization options, weapons and armor. “Shen’s Last Gift” also adds a soldier class. Players who buy the normal version game will be able to buy the “Reinforcement pack” for $19.99.

2K also announced that players who pre-order either version will get a “Resistance Warrior” pack, which adds extra customization options, including headgear and war paint, as well as an extra “survivor of the old war” character at their disposal at the start of the game.

We recently got the chance to try XCOM 2, so check out our impressions if you’re planning on pre-ordering or picking up the collector’s edition of the game, which will be available on Windows PC February 6, 2016. Mac and Linux versions will come from developer Feral Interactive at a later date.