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A YouTuber has created a much smaller, thinner PS5 Slim

Sony has a history of releasing slim versions of its consoles, which has been the case with models like the PlayStation 2 and PS4. The PS5, which is massive compared to its predecessors, is nearly 2 years old, and YouTuber Matt Perks (aka DIY Perks) took matters into his own hands and shrunk it down to size to create the world’s first (unofficial) PS5 Slim.

At 2 centimeters thick, the PS5 Slim looks like a copper plate compared to the original PS5’s black-and-white Wi-Fi router design, whereas the slim versions of the other consoles matched the aesthetics of their original counterparts. That’s because DIY Perks had to get rid of some parts to ensure that his console met the requirements of looking as skinny as possible, as you can see in the full video.

Building the WORLDS FIRST PlayStation 5 slim

The main reason why the PS5 is such a leviathan console in the first place is because of its CPU-cooling heat sink and power supply, which DIY Perks replaced with a water-channeling system with copper sheeting, making RAM and VRM temperatures 42 and 27 degrees cooler, respectively, than the original PS5. It was an expensive strategy, but it justified the rest of the console being copper and resembling a small DVD player without a disc drive, effectively making it a slim version of the PS5 Digital Edition.

Instead of an internal power supply, DIY Perks built an external power brick designed to be hidden behind a TV monitor — or TV stand, as the case may be — to give the illusion that the PS5 Slim stands on its own with a power cable. It turned into a disaster when one side of the power brick tipped over and blocked the airflow to the console, causing it to overheat, fry the motherboard, and freeze the game. Thankfully, DIY Perks was able to get it working again by swapping out the damaged motherboard with that of the PS5 sent to him by D-Brands.

The PS5 is still an elusive console for people to get their hands on as it is, although there will be an end to the shortages. Even so, the PS5 Slim won’t be up for sale any time soon. The video might give people an idea about constructing their own PS5 Slim and, hopefully, convince Sony to make its own official version.

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