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Let your clothes be your personal trainer with smart fitness gear by Athos

Athos wearable sensor gear
Looking to improve your workouts at the gym? Don’t want to hire a personal trainer? With the smart fitness gear by Athos, you won’t have to.

These smart clothes are full of sensors that track how your different muscles are used during a workout. This data is then transmitted to a smartphone app and displayed with an easy-to-read diagram.

Let’s say you’re wearing an Athos shirt and you hop on the bench press. By checking the data sent to your phone, you can see if you are favoring one arm over the other. Similarly, the app can be used to make sure that squats are properly activating the glutes.

The teach was designed by Dhananja Jayalath and Christopher Wiebe, two students from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. After working out together at the gym, the pair came up with the idea. They weren’t sure if they were performing the exercises properly, but having a personal trainer was too expensive. The only solution was to make one themselves.

Athos clothing uses breathing and electromyography sensors sewn into the fabric. This gathers any electrical activity in the muscles and beams it to the app to be analyzed.

Currently, Athos only features a couple products for purchase. A men’s shirt and shorts will run you $696 while women’s leggings will cost $348. Because of the high price point, the company is focusing its attention on professional athletes from high school to the Olympics.

While it may seem cheaper to hire a personal trainer, there is hope. Athos is currently working to create more affordable options for the casual market. Also, if three products sound rather limited, they plan to increase the diversity of their gear as well.

With Athos smart gear, wearables are moving way beyond the simple step counter and heart monitor. By detecting which muscles are activated, our workouts can become much more efficient. it’s the next big step in increasing your performance.

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