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This is the eye exam of the 21st century — meet the SVOne from Smart Vision Labs

If inconvenience was ever an excuse that you used to get out of having your eyes checked, you’re out of luck. There’s a new company that’s helping ensure that eye exams are nothing if not easy. Meet SVOne Enterprise, a new device from Smart Vision Labs. It’s branded as an intuitive, self-guided vision testing system that bringing telemedicine to optometry. This little device is capable of capturing your refractive error (which informs your prescription) in a matter of seconds, and within 24 hours, you’ll have a doctor-approved prescription for your next pair of glasses or contacts.

The SVOne looks nothing like any of the equipment you’re accustomed to seeing in those dark, slightly ominous optometry offices. Rather, it’s a handheld device, comprised of little more than an iPhone camera, a processor, and a wireless connection. Weighing in at less than a single pound, the SVOne has an eyepiece on one side, and an iPhone on the other. So yes — this really is a test that you could do entirely on your own.

And if you’re worried about leaving the fate of your prescription in the hands of an iPhone, don’t be. “An iPhone’s camera capabilities and processing are just as good as the technology we were using over 10 years ago at an advanced research lab,” Marc Albanese, one of Smart Vision Labs’ two cofounders, told Fast Company. And that’s true even of the iPhone 5s, released two years ago.

So how does it work? “The core technology on the device to measure refractive error is wavefront aberrometry,” the team explains, which is “the same technology used in LASIK surgery to identify the imperfection of the eyes.”

In essence, when you look into the device, the SVOne shines a grid of around 100 red dots onto your retina. The iPhone camera then takes pictures of the dots as the light is reflected back, and the Smart Vision app analyzes discrepancies in the pattern. If spots have moved away from the original grid, you’re farsighted. If they’ve moved within the grid, you’re nearsighted. And if the pattern has become somewhat oval in shape, you have astigmatism.

All the data captured by the SVOne is ultimately sent to a network of remote doctors, who sign off on the final prescriptions, which patients can access by way of a password-protected web portal.

“We initially founded Smart Vision Labs to make vision tests more portable and clearer vision more attainable for the public by providing doctors a new, highly accurate way to administer vision care to underserved communities around the world,” said Yaopeng Zhou, co­founder and CEO of Smart Vision Labs. “After seeing how the SVOne was able to help administer better vision care for so many people, we saw that there was also a need for improved vision care here in the United States. With the launch of SVOne Enterprise, we are now introducing the world’s most convenient and intuitive self-guided vision test in New York City, and plan to make better vision more convenient for everyone.”

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