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Keep your New Year’s resolutions alive with the SweatWorking app

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February 9 likely isn’t a day of much import in your life. Really, it’s not a day of much import in anyone’s life, mostly because it’s around the time that most New Year’s resolutions become distant memories rather than motivating goals. But this year, we may just find a reason to commemorate not only February 9, but the promise that you made to yourself at the end of 2017. That is, assuming your promise was fitness-related.

The creators of, the online fitness community and resource, have launched SweatWorking. This new subscription-based fitness app and marketplace hopes to save the 80 percent of people who give up on their resolutions, and just in the nick of time.

Combining affordability with convenience, SweatWorking hopes to make fitness more accessible to the masses. If you’re not comfortable with the judging eyes in group fitness classes or the sky high prices of a single 45-minute spin class, this may be the app for you. Whether you’re into barre, HIIT, cycling, yoga, or strength training, you can find it in this app. A monthly subscription will set you back just $5 if you’re looking to do no more than five workouts, or you can opt for the unlimited plan for $15 a month. Workouts are available in audio, video, and image-based formats, so you can work out the way you like.

“We like to think of ourselves as the Etsy of the fitness world, taking a more grass roots approach to fitness,” said Jeana Anderson Cohen, the founder and CEO of aSweatLife. “We’ve created a marketplace where everybody wins and both the trainers and trainees are empowered to both take control and have fun with their journey.”

To kick off the launch of the app, SweatWorking is debuting a 30-day fitness challenge beginning on February 12. Conceptualized and created by a number of top trainers on the platform (like Betina Gozo, winner of Women’s Health Next Fitness Star) and David Carson (former professional basketball player) the challenge encourages folks to work out with a team of friends. Participants can track one another’s progress, adding a healthy dose of competition and accountability to the program. Plus, those who complete the challenge workouts will be eligible for a $50 gift card in an end-of-the-week raffle. And at the end of the challenge, you could be up for the grand prize: A pair of Apple AirPods.

You can download SweatWorking from the iOS app store beginning today.

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