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Urwahn’s Stadtfuchs smart bike is built for the modern urban commuter

When it comes to urban commuter bikes, it seems like electric bike manufacturers have been stealing all of the headlines lately. But, there is still plenty of room for traditional bicycles to still make waves too. Case in point, a German company called Urwahn Bikes is hoping to do just that with its latest creation, which looks to a modern design sensibility to urban cycling, along with some handy high-tech features too.

Urwahn has launched two new models on Kickstarter with the hope of getting both into production later this year. Those bikes include the more traditional Platzhirsch and a tricked-out smart bike dubbed the Stadtfuchs, which includes some innovative smart bike features. Both models share a sleek, aerodynamic design and a similar component set, complete with an 11-gear hub, a Gates belt drive, hydraulic brakes, Continental tires with reflective stripes, and a durable CrMo steel frame.

But, the Stadtfuchs bike has several unique features that help separate it from is sibling. For instance, it comes with integrated LED lights on the front and back that help to improve visibility while out on the road. Those lights have even been designed for use during daytime riding and while parking too, improving safety at any time of the day. Power is supplied to both lights via a built-in autonomous power system that generates electricity from the bike’s hub dynamo. Energy is created while the rider is pedaling, meaning there is no need to charge the lights at any time.


In terms of keeping the bike safe from would-be thieves, Urwahn has given it GPS track capabilities too. The Stadfuchs connects with a smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing the owner to keep tabs on his or her bike using a special app. That same app allows riders to receive turn-by-turn navigational cues while commuting, track their rides, and even share distance, speed, and duration metrics with their friends.

Urwahn is hoping to raise $92,500 through its crowdfunding campaign, and if successful, it will officially begin production of both bikes with delivery scheduled for December. At that time, the Platzhirsch is expected to sell for about $3,700, while the Stadtfuchs will carry a price tag of $4,940. Both are available now for early bird Kickstarter backers at discounts of up to 35 percent. As always, would-be supporters should be aware of the risks that come along with contributing to any such venture.

Find out more about these urban commuter bikes on the Urwahn website.

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