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Test drive mobility devices on your own time with WeDrive from WHILL

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Mobility has never been quite so … mobile. On Monday, WHILL, the power mobility device maker, launched a new service called WeDrive. Meant to connect WHILL owners with others looking to test drive wheelchairs and other mobility devices, WeDrive is described as a “nationwide shared economy service” that allows users to share experiences in an authentic environment.

Promising to revolutionize how users test drive personal mobility products, WeDrive wants to help differently abled folks around the country better understand their options when it comes to these products, and determine the best match for their lifestyle. While most of these devices are often relegated to medical showroom floors or rehabilitation centers, WeDrive wants to give customers more optionality and more space to test out a product that is key to their everyday lives.

“WeDrive is going to transform the way users gain access to products that best suit their needs,” said Satoshi Sugie, CEO of WHILL. “The new culture of the sharing economy is resource-friendly, economical, and authentic. WeDrive is designed to enhance the sense of connection in the community and allow users to engage each other in an environment that is reliable, authentic, and in the user’s own words.”

To test drive a product with WeDrive, customers to tap into an existing community of WHILL users, and try out these mobility devices while hearing more about others’ personal experiences. WHILL promises that all WeDrive Community Drivers (those allowed to share their devices) are verified and qualified to host test drives.

That said, all WHILL hosts have the option to register themselves with WeDrive, and invite others to join. Signing up is free, but once registered, users have the opportunity to earn money from WHILL, serving as something of a guerilla marketer.

So whether you’re looking for your own mobility device or just want to share your experience with others, WeDrive may be worth a closer look.

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