Bluetooth cubed with new Black Diamond III portable speaker

acase black diamond iii bluetooth speakerDiamonds are reportedly forever – at least according to jewelers and Ian Fleming – but the Acase Black Diamond III portable Bluetooth speaker looks like it could endure the ages and even one’s taste for a non-traditional looking audio device. This new wireless mulch-sensory unit is reportedly “the first portable speaker that lets you see, hear and feel the music.”

Designed by Yantouch, this compact USB-powered Bluetooth speaker features a glowing crystal that changes colors to the music. The result is sort of collision between a  modern twist on the “my generation’s” mood ring and a lava lamp, but, in this case, powered by music. This only serves to beg the question: Will turn red hot with jazz or blue with… the blues? And would AC/DC bring out the black in the Black Diamond?

While it is a break from the traditional speaker, the look may not be for every taste, but Yantouch did manage to pack a lot inside this one.

Somehow, inside the orb, there is room for speakers, a subwoofer, a Bluetooth receiver, and, of course, electronics to illuminate the thing. In addition to serving as a dodecahedron for the desk – and let’s be honest who doesn’t need a dodecahedron on their desk – this color-shifting Black Diamond even provides an inner storage chamber for the remote. What more could you want for your Doctor Who-themed office?

The Black Diamond III is available now for $120 from Amazon.