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Adorama's photography web series launches third season with international focus

Through The Lens: Season 3 - Official Trailer
The latest season of camera retailer Adorama’s popular video series will take an international look at photography. Season 3 of Through The Lens offers a behind-the-scenes look at the work of photographers based in Japan and Hong Kong.

The documentary series premieres Friday, December 2 on the company’s YouTube channel, AdoramaTV. The third season follows several different photographers, from hobbyists to professional commercial shooters.

“Having explored domestic talent and their stories on the past two seasons of Through The Lens, it was important for us to celebrate international artists, whose work is just as accessible thanks to the vibrant communities fostered by social media,” said Salvatore D’Alia, senior producer at Adorama. “Adorama is so pleased to be working with these distinguished artists, and we look forward to sharing their inspirational stories, tips, and techniques with our viewers in season 3 of ‘TTL.’”

Each episode puts the spotlight on a different photographer, sharing their tips and the way they work. The series also pays homage to the way Instagram connects the photographers internationally. Thirteen different photographers are slated to be featured for the web series’ third season.

Episode 4, for example, takes a look at the images from a commercial photographer who uses both camera techniques and prominent editing. Episode 6 follows the story of a businessman who turned a hobby into a career by catching the eye of big brands via Instagram, including both Nike and Christian Dior. All thirteen photographers slated to be featured on the series can be found on Instagram: @_tuck4, @lielaine, @_f7, @wacamera, @halno, @hirozzzz, @chiaoking, @edwardkb, @mr007, @najii66, @yuma1983, @vdubl and @wagnus.

The Japan- and Hong Kong-focused season comes after New York was featured in season 1 and the U.S. from coast to coast was featured in season 2.

Episodes are available on demand through AdoramaTV, with a new episode released every Friday at 11 a.m. ET.

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