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The best place to buy a soundbar online

So, you’ve decided you want to buy a new soundbar. We get it. A soundbar is a great way of enhancing the sound on your TV without having to find the room for a full speaker setup scattered around your living space. With dozens of choices out there before you even consider where the best retailer is, however, the decision can feel a bit intimidating. Start out by checking out our look at the best soundbars. This is the best place to research if money is no object and you simply want the best of the bunch. Alternatively, consult our look at the best soundbars under $500 if you’re on a budget, and you’ll still be delighted with your options.

Once you’ve narrowed things down a little, it’s important to find the right place to shop. Buying from the right retailer can land you some incredible soundbar deals as well as provide you with the best customer service. Fortunately, to help you out, we’ve made a list of our top choices for the best places to buy a soundbar right now.

Buy from third-party partners


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Amazon is always a great one-stop-shop for many goods and that includes soundbars. It sells an extensive variety of soundbars from all the major manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, LG, Sonos, and much more. Its excellent search filters on the left side of the screen make it easy to search via brand, average customer review rating, and price. You can also narrow things down according to size and how the soundbar connects to your other devices.

It’s a simple-to-use tool that will greatly help you figure out what’s best for you. Add in the fast and reliable shipping, along with easy payment options, and Amazon is easily the number one recommendation for finding the exact soundbar you need. Even better, Amazon often has regular sales on products such as soundbars which means you’re sure to get the best price possible thanks to the company always keen to be highly competitive against other retailers out there.

Just keep an eye on the customer ratings. They’re not always the most trustworthy so you’re often better off consulting our guides to the best soundbars to have true insight into what to expect from your purchase.

Best Buy

Best Buy

If you’d prefer to head to a brick-and-mortar store, Best Buy remains the best of both worlds. You can check out stock and pricing on a potential soundbar via the website before hitting the store pickup button so you can head to your local store to collect it. There are always options for it to be delivered to you too if that proves more convenient.

As with Amazon, you can use Best Buy’s search tools to narrow soundbars down according to price, features, brand, and more, with some competitive prices out there. We’re fans of how Best Buy highlights when a soundbar is on sale as well as its price match guarantee which means you’re sure of a good deal at all times.


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Walmart is another reliable brick-and-mortar option with the ability to search extensively online before heading to your local store for free pickup or opting to order for home delivery instead. It offers some fairly good prices alongside extensive search tools but Best Buy beats it a little on great deals.

Still, it’s worth checking out for good offers and there are payment plans available if you want to spread the cost.

B&H Photo Video

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Best known for its extensive array of photography equipment, B&H Photo Video also offers a number of soundbars too. As you’d expect, you can check out via brand as well as numerous other search options with customer ratings generally fairly reliable.

The array of choices isn’t quite as vast as other retailers but it’s more than good enough, and all the big-name brands are here. While discounts aren’t as widespread either, you’re still able to find a bargain every once in a while with bundle deals also part of the setup.


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With a smaller selection of soundbars than other retailers, it’d be easy to overlook Adorama. It’s worth checking out though. While the company focuses on the most prestigious of brands such as Bose, Sonos, and Yamaha, it occasionally has some great discounts. In particular, it’s worth checking out how the reward card scheme can help you out, as well as how Adorama’s six-month financing plan can help you buy a more high-end soundbar than elsewhere.

Just bear in mind that the options available aren’t as vast so if you need to do some window shopping, this isn’t the place to go.

Buy from the manufacturer

Some retailers such as Sony and Samsung sell their soundbars directly to customers thanks to online storefronts. If you purchase directly, you’ll save yourself the effort of having to dig through hundreds of listings on Amazon or Best Buy. Of course, that means fewer options so you’ll need to be confident that the manufacturer in question is the one for you.

Still, it can be a real timesaver if you know exactly which brand and product name is the soundbar for you.

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