Disney’s online movie service jumps to Amazon, Microsoft apps

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Disney Movies Anywhere, the media company’s digital movie locker which allows users to stream films they’ve previously purchased online, is now available on Amazon Video and Microsoft Movies.

Previously available on Android, iOS, and Vudu compatible devices, the service will now work on the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Amazon Fire tablets, and Microsoft Xbox 360 without the need to download a separate app. The service will offer Android TV and Roku support beginning September 15.

“We’re thrilled to bring these new partners to Disney Movies Anywhere, expanding its reach into the living room and beyond with an unprecedented Disney experience that is both easy and fun,” said Janice Marinelli, president of  Disney and ABC’s Home Entertainment & Television Distribution in a statement (via Variety). “As consumers seek to build their digital libraries and protect their purchases for the long term, Disney Movies Anywhere makes it easier than ever to buy once and watch anywhere.”

The recent addition is one more step in the ecosystem, allowing users to buy Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Lucas Films films — like Star Wars or the newly-available Avengers: Age of Ultron — and play the film from nearly any Internet-connected smartphone, tablet, computer or TV. After linking a Disney account to the device, the user’s purchased Disney films will now be available inside Amazon Video and Microsoft video’s native apps.

The service, which was originally launched in February 2014 on iTunes, shows Disney’s continued interest in its proprietary streaming video product — even as it gears up to give Netflix exclusive U.S. rights to Disney movies from 2016 to 2018.

To promote the new service, Disney will give new users a copy of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. On September 15, Disney will also release its live-action version of Cinderella on the service.

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