The new Fitbit Flyer headphones allow you to jam out without a smartphone

Fitbit Flyer

Leading global wearable brand Fitbit is stepping into the world of audio, announcing the launch of the Fitbit Flyer, the company’s first wireless headphones. The new in-ear device coincides with the announcement of the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, which allows on-wrist storage of music, with the two new devices combining to allow you to listen to your favorite music during strenuous workouts without a smartphone in tow.

The new headphones feature a sweatproof design and customizable fit, via a series of interchangeable tips and sport fins. They also offer two sound profiles for a personalized listening experience — one with boosted bass called Power Boost, and a flatter profile called Signature. Beyond music playback, the Flyer will offer audio coaching via the Fitbit Coach app, helping listeners increase endurance, speed, and stamina without looking at a screen.

“As we launch our first smartwatch with on-device music, providing quality wireless headphones to better help users reach their goals is a natural extension of our product offerings,” Fitbit co-founder and CEO James Park said in a press release about the new headphones.

“Coupled with research that shows 64 percent of fitness tracker owners are interested in purchasing wireless headphones, it makes sense for us to bring our unparalleled health and fitness expertise to this space to deliver what our consumers are looking for most: Great fit they can count on all day and for any workout, along with high-quality sound to keep them motivated.”

Fans of the wearable brand will likely jump at the opportunity to integrate their entire workout experience under one brand, especially given the built-in compatibility between the new Ionic smartwatch and the new wireless in-ear headphones.

The Flyer feature six hours of playback time, with a 15-minute quick-charge feature that provides an hour of juice in a jiffy. They also offer multidevice connectivity, which means you can connect the new headphones to your watch and phone at the same time. In addition, a two microphone setup helps phone calls come through with increased clarity.

The Fitbit Flyer is currently available for pre-order on Fitbit’s website, and will hit retail stores for the first time this October. They will retail for $130.