Hisense shows off U-LED to Sin City

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In the past couple of years, there has been plenty of fussing over next-generation TV technologies like OLED and 4K/UHD. Still, the price points are prohibitive for your average consumers, and may remain so for a while.

In light of the current state of TV tech, today’s unveiling of Chinese manufacturer Hisense’s  U-LED (Ultra LED) technology is all the more intriguing. Hisense, which has been coming on strong in US markets of-late, claims to be able to deliver a notable step up from current displays, minus the five-figure price tags attached to 4K/Ultra HD and OLED. The sky-high cost of next-generation TV tech continues to be the elephant in the room and instead of trying to extricate it, Hisense it seems, is hedging its bets.

The company claims its U-LED tech outdoes LED in terms of dark field, contrast ratio, and overall image quality when displaying the same content. Contrary to other next-generation technologies, Hisense says its tech is ready for large-scale commercialization.

All we know about the price point right now is that it’s “slightly higher” than that of LED TVs, and you’ll have to stay tuned to find out if the U-LED panel display is truly capable of bridging the gap between today’s tech and tomorrow’s.

TVs featuring the technology will be available to “high-end users” in Central America following CES 2013. A bit of a head-scratcher, but more likely than not, this is a smaller test-release of sorts.