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How to make your Disney+ avatar Baby Yoda

THE MANDALORIAN Trailer (2019) Star Wars

The launch of Disney+ created a ton of buzz, from the technical difficulties that plagued its launch to the news that 10 million people signed up on the first day. It’s no surprise, considering the streaming service offers an incredible content library that includes classics from the Disney archive, the entire Pixar library, as well as movies and TV from the Marvel and Star Wars universes. But perhaps the most viral event to come out of the service thus far is the introduction to a tiny, green alien.

That’s right, we’re talking about Baby Yoda, the cutest little creature to come out of the Star Wars universe in years (or perhaps ever?). And now you can show your own appreciation for Baby Yoda (aka The Child) by choosing the little tyke as your Disney+ Avatar.

Assuming you love Baby Yoda (which, of course you do), you may be interested in expressing your love in the form of your Disney+ profile pic. Here’s how to make it happen.

How to change your Disney+ avatar

  1. Open the Disney+ app on your preferred device.
  2. Select “Profile” on the sidebar menu.
  3. Select “Edit Profiles.”
  4. Choose the profile you wish to edit.
  5. Select “Choose Icon.”
  6. Scroll to the Star Wars section (or, if you see the icon in Featured, that works too) and select Baby Yoda.
  7. Select “Done” to save your changes.

We apologize in advance for the family feud this may cause. The Child from #TheMandalorian is now available as a profile icon on #DisneyPlus.

— Disney+ (@disneyplus) December 12, 2019

For those unaware (and there can’t be many of you left out there), Baby Yoda was introduced by the first live-action Star Wars television series, The Mandalorian, which debuted at Disney+’s launch. The series instantly captured the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans. Considered a space Western, something that’s a little off-the-cuff for the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian stars Pedro Pascal as a loner bounty hunter with a conscience. The Mandalorian may have implications for the storylines of the larger Star Wars film universe as well, making it one of the most influential pieces of Star Wars content to air off the silver screen.

However, regardless of the show’s connection to the rest of a galaxy far, far, far away, it’s clear that it has already had a massive impact on our galaxy through Baby Yoda. The adorable fifty-year-old child (species age differently!) has practically broken the internet, spawning countless memes, unstoppable conspiracy theorizing, and all of the merchandise. In these times of strife and internet-based conflict, Baby Yoda is the ultimate, unifying force for the common good. All can agree Baby Yoda is glorious.

Now you can have the coolest, cutest Disney+ profile icon in town. You’re welcome!

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