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IK Multimedia’s new iRig Mic HD brings hi-res recording to your iPhone

ik multimedia brings hi res recording iphone new irig mic hd

IK Multimedia makes a wide array of iOS device accessories for musicians and publishers, and today it unveiled its latest creation, the iRig Mic HD. The new mic is designed to offer a sensitive, high resolution recording solution for everything from field recording to laying down podcasts and demo tracks, all for just under $100.

The iRig Mic HD comes with everything you’ll need to start recording – just add your iOS device or Mac computer. Inside the all metal hand-held casing is an electret condenser, offering more sensitive  and accurate recording than most dynamic diaphragms, without the need for an external power source. The mic’s detachable cable selection allows you to connect directly to your iPod, iPhone, or iPad via a lightning adapter, and it also plugs into any Mac computer via USB. The new mic includes a 30-pin legacy adapter for older iOS gear as well.

Perhaps most impressive is the iRig Mic HD’s digital chops, allowing you to record at studio-grade 24 bit resolution, with sample rates ranging from CD quality (44.1kHz), all the way up to 96kHz. The audio is processed through one of three available free iOS apps including Vocal Live Free, which allows for real time vocal effects processing; iRig Recorder, designed for on the spot “professional” field recording; and AmpliTuBe Free, which includes multiple effects processors for guitar and bass.

Mac users also get access to the full version of AmpliTube, as well as a selection of other free recording applications.

We got a chance to check out one of IK’s more rudimentary mics, the iRig Cast, as well as its standard iRig Mic, and both devices proved to be excellent additions to our iPhone for live recording, voice memos, and more. The new iRig Mic HD promises even better performance with professional grade audio resolution from anywhere your iPhone can go.

We’ll have to wait and hear the mic in action before we know if it’s worth throwing down a hundred bones for it, but for those who need high quality recordings on the go, it could prove to be a valuable new tool.

IK Multimedia’s new iRig Mic HD is available now.

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