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With a new app for Tizen-powered Samsung TVs, Tablo now supports most smart TVs

Nuvyyo Tablo Dual OTA DVR held in-hand
Ted Kritsonis/Digital Trends
Tablo maker Nuvyyo hasn’t even been around for a decade yet, but it has accomplished quite a bit since its inception. Tablo is one of the few over-the-air (OTA) DVR options that not only manages to challenge TiVo when it comes to features, but is also easy to set up and use. Now, the Tablo app is available on Tizen-powered Samsung smart TVs.

What sets Tablo DVRs aside from many OTA DVRs is that you’ll only need one DVR no matter how many TVs you have in your home. For any other TVs, just use the Tablo app, either on the TV itself or via an external streaming box. This is similar to what you’d get from a cable or satellite provider, only in this case, the Tablo DVR uses your home Wi-Fi to beam the OTA signal to other TVs.

The Tablo app is now available on most major smart TV platforms, including Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV and LG webOS. Of course, this doesn’t even include other platforms like the Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, PC, and Mac, which also have Tablo apps available. With the new app for Tizen, all of the standard features are supported and presented in a format Nuvyyo says is designed specifically for TVs with larger screens.

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“Tablo offers the widest breadth of fully functional DVR app support of any over-the-air TV solution on the market,” Nuvyyo CEO Grant Hall said in a statement. “Now more than ever, Tablo gives cord cutters the opportunity to enjoy their favorite TV programs including network dramas, comedies, news, and sports like the Olympics from channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox, on any screen, anytime, anywhere — including Samsung TIZEN Smart TVs.”

In January, Tablo rolled out even more features for its DVRs, including the ability to adjust the scheduled recording times of shows to let you start recording early and stop recording late to make sure you don’t miss part of a show. If you have a recent Tablo DVR like the Tablo Dual 64GB OTA DVR and it’s updated to the latest firmware, the features will be available, no matter what platform you use to watch.

For a full list of supported platforms, see the Tablo website, and to see how different Tizen-powered TVs stack up, be sure to check out our list of the best Samsung TVs you can buy.

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