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The Roku Channel gets five new channels, including the free Fubo Sports Network


The Roku Channel — Roku’s own curated TV experience that features free, ad-supported live TV, movies and TV shows, plus premium subscription options — has expanded the number of viewing choices you now have. Launched August 13, five new free channels bring the total to 30. They include Fubo Sports Network, ACCDN, USA Today, Now This, and Comedy Dynamics.

Roku also announced that you can subscribe to SI TV, the premium streaming service from Sports Illustrated, within the Roku Channel. SI TV costs $5 per month after a free seven-day trial.

For the Fubo Sports Network, the Roku Channel is just the latest place where you can catch its free mix of sports-oriented content. Launched in June, it’s a free, livestreaming channel that includes live event coverage, news, and some of the first original content created by FuboTV. The service is also available on Xumo, the platform behind the free Channel Plus app on LG’s WebOS TVs, plus subscribers to the FuboTV livestreaming service also get it as one of their available channels.

ACCDN is another sports-based channel, but it’s dedicated to covering intercollegiate athletic conferences, with original on-demand content.

USA Today, from the widely read news publication, is a livestreaming channel with local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology content.

Now This is a livestreaming channel providing the latest in video news, investigative reports, interviews, and original series.

Comedy Dynamics is a livestreaming channel from an independent creator of comedy content including, specials, TV shows, films, and documentaries.

The Roku Channel is fast becoming one of the best free streaming options out there. While its on-demand library may not be huge at this point, it does have some real gems. Fans of classic TV series like Batman, I Dream of Jeannie, and Charlie’s Angels will find plenty to keep them entertained, while movie buffs will also appreciate titles like the Beverly Hills Cop franchise and both old classics like Dressed to Kill, and new ones like The Fisher King.

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